Friday, 15 November 2013

Runnign insoles why you need a pair

Everyone needs some running insoles even if you are not a runner that is because over time your feet will get damaged.. with stress fractures and pressures and strains caused by everyday life.. If you are into sports these stresses and strains can be even worse. So it is best to be protected and running insoles are the best way of doing this. One of my friends and I myself have suffered from what is known as plantar fasciitis whereby the plantar fascia became damaged causing really bad arch pain in your foot.. My friends got it a lot worse then me.. but something we both did which helped plantar fasciitis develop was not wearing protection ie running insoles when we ran. Since then we have both been wearing running insoles an neither one of has developed plantar fasciitis since! How cool is that. So my advice to you would be to get some...... dont look at me like that they dont cost much at all!!!! and so worth it because believe me when I tell you that you really dont want what I had plantar fasciitis, it meant I couldn't run around for ages and I missed loads of football matches because of it!If oyu wanna know anything else do not hesitate to give me a comment below and I soon as I see it ill answer! Chow for now!

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